CSR | Confined Space Rescue

Created with the objectives of gaining the knowledge and skills to plan, execute and use the necessary equipment and equipment for the rescue team that will respond to an emergency in a confined area.


To complete safe working trainings successfully in closed areas, to be physically and mentally appropriate in terms of working indoors and at height.

Who should attend?

All personnel engaged in indoor work, indoor work field control managers, authorized personnel performing measurements in closed and narrow spaces, and occupational safety experts who are responsible for indoor work

Educational content

Closed area plans and procedures

Risk assessment

Emergency and rescue planning

Closed work permits

Principles of working at height (Fall arrest)

Personal protective equipment to be used in confined spaces and its control

Rescue equipment definition and organization

Anchor point and selection

Indoor equipment

  • Rescue with five-piece mobile indoor rescue and access equipment
  • Tripod Setup
    • Equipment and materials used
    • Working safety with tripod


Rescue from the Confined Area

  • Transportation to the victim
  • The victim of the breathing apparatus
  • Dragging in a narrow space
  • Vertical stretcher packaging and removal
  • Horizontal stretcher packaging and extraction

Enrolled: 12 students
Duration: 2 Gün
Level: İleri

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