HS02 | Working at Height – Level 2

The general aim of the course is to learn how to use personal protective equipment in different working conditions. Participants will master the dangers of working at heights, general regulations, the use of personal protective equipment in different categories. They will also learn how to protect equipment and simple inspection / inspection methods.

Trainees will be provided with both theoretical and practical qualifications during the course, such as stopping stop, job positioning and restriction. Additionally; learn how to use rescue equipment with different rescue scenarios. Intensive rescue drills will be held.


Being physically and mentally fit, reasonably fit to work at height

Educational content

Theoretical Education

Introduction to Working at Height: Current Status and Development of Working at Height and Fall Protection, Identifying Falling Hazards in the Work Environment, Statistics, Reasons of Fall and Dynamics

Introduction to Fall Protection: Relevant Legal Legislations Regulations and Standards, Fall Protection Equipment Standards, Legal Responsibilities of Employee and Employer

Protection from Fall Hazards: Control Hierarchy, Warning Methods, Physical Barriers, Personal Protective Equipment, Fall Protection System Selection, Fall Protection Planning

Anchor Points: View of Anchor Points, Anchor Types, Strength Requirements, Connection Types

Seat Belts: Overview, Seat Belt Types, Full Body Seat Belts, Seat Belt Selection, Seat Belt Materials, Seat Belt Clothing

Connection Points: Carabiner and Spring Hooks, Lanyards, Free Fall Distance, Shock Absorbers, Rewind Mechanisms, Vertical Life Lines and Fall Arresters, Horizontal Life Lines

Recovery: Recovery Requirements, Suspension Trauma, Recovery Planning, Equipment and Techniques Used

Workshop 1: Visual Inspection of Equipment

Workshop 2: Safety Belt Dressing


Personal Protective Equipment
Fall Stop Systems
Vertical Life Lines
Rescue Scenarios: Stair Rescue, Tower Rescue, Rewind Systems

Enrolled: 15 students
Duration: 2 Gün
Level: Orta

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