HS03 | Working at Height – Level 2 Refresh

The overall aim of the course is to refresh the theoretical knowledge and practical abilities of people who have previously attended Level 2 and successfully completed them with a certificate. The course has the same curriculum as Level 2 training. In addition, the training focuses on the practical exercises and theoretical assessments required in the HS02 training of the participants.

The course also concentrates on current laws, procedures and equipment. This course does not qualify an HS01 certified personnel to be HS02 certified. A person with HS01 certification must rejoin HS01 training.


Having a valid HS02 elevation certificate still, being physically and spiritually fit, reasonably fit to work at height

Who should attend?

People who need HS02 height training

Course Content (Repetition of Information):

Occupational Health and Safety by country standards
Labor standards
Working at heights
How to access the hazardous area and provide effective control
The use, clothing, features and limitations of PPE
Visual inspection and liquidation requirements of PPE
Job restriction, job positioning and fall protection techniques
Anchor point selection and control
Climbing practice using permanent lifeline on vertical stairs
Climbing practice using vertical lanyards on vertical stairs
Drawstring temporary fall arrest systems
Use of personal rewind lifelines
Temporary horizontal lifeline
Understanding and dealing with the hanging trauma
Emergency procedures and planning
Features and limitations of rescue equipment
Accessible suspended survivor recovery scenarios

Enrolled: 15 students
Duration: 1 Gün
Level: İleri

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