HS04 | Personal Fall Protection Equipments Supervision

At the end of this course, participants will have the necessary knowledge and experience for the supervision of Personal Fall Arrest Equipment. As the content of the course; covers laws, standards, duties and responsibilities, equipment influence, main documentation and resources, record keeping, tracking system, inspection types, textile and metal equipment testing, storage and disposal requirements.


To have the knowledge of using the equipment to be examined and to be trained at a current altitude.

Who should attend?

Those who are conscious of working at height and who use equipment actively

Educational content

Occupational health and safety regulations
Duties and responsibilities
Useful documents, forms and resources
Inspection and record keeping procedures
Inspection types
Equipment types; general security, climbing, rope access, rescue etc.
Inspection methods of textile equipment
Inspection methods of metal equipment
Rewind Fall Arresters – Inspection limits
Equipment maintenance / Storage / Disposal

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Enrolled: 12 students
Duration: 1 Gün
Level: İleri

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