HS07 | Working at Height – Rescue

The general aim of the course is to carry out rescue and escape studies related to various situations that may occur in the field of work of the highly employed personnel. Trainees are taught in an emergency to evaluate all possible options before starting rescue. The techniques taught in this course are designed to be easily applied and remembered, so as not to endanger the survivor and the rescuer.

The course focuses on techniques for lowering and removing the casualty, but rope landing rescues are not included. In addition, participants learn to safely evacuate the victim from a high-rise building, platform or structure, equipment in an emergency.


Those attending this course must be physically and spiritually fit, reasonably fit to work at height. They must be familiar with the equipment to be used, with the required height training.

Who should attend?

The course is intended to include employees who use personal protective equipment (seat belts, lanyards, etc.) and who work in various industries such as roof, factory, tower, pier.

Educational content

General requirements for recovery
Rescue plan and risk assessment
Emergency procedures
Dealing with casualty, hanging trauma
Characters and limits of rescue equipment
Equipment visual inspection and maintenance
Rescue the conscious victim
Recovering an unconscious casualty
Accessible and inaccessible survivor recovery
Overcoming obstacles during recovery
Emergency escape from a height

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Enrolled: 15 students
Duration: 1 Gün
Level: İleri

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