Welcome to Numeko Academy!

At Numeko Academy, thanks to our internationally valid Honeywell accreditation, we are able to provide training programs with our expert training staff such as; “Working at Height and Rescue”, “Closed Area Rescue” and “Specific Occupational Safety”, which are based on experience, motivating, communicative, researcher, non-memorizing and solution-oriented, at our Training Center in Tuzla, Istanbul or at your appropriate Training Fields. We continue to develop and continue our activities in line with our values and goals for the spread and continuity of the security culture.

Honeywell Acredited Training Center

We are the training branch of Numeko Safety which is the solution partner of Honeywell, a global leader in awareness of Occupational Health and Safety and working at height.


Numeko Academy Trainings

  • HSE Technical Trainings
  • Safe Working At Height
  • Working at Closed and Restricted Areas
  • Management & Organization Trainings